France, Franceau

Wichtige Daten von Clark_Kent_

Größe175cm - 185cm
Gewicht60 - 70 kg
Was mich geil macht
Funny, smart, kind and talkative ladies are the most important
Über mich
Let us talk each other this is the only reason of why I am here
Was ich abstoßend finde
Rough ladies and liars and naked ladies
Kommentare (24)
Thank you for the gifts, it is very nice, I feel that you are there, even when I do not work. I kiss your nose and hug tightly. Happy to see you again.
Thank you for every sweet word, thank you for every smile, thank you for your warm soul, thank you for happines what you gave me. Many kisses my sweetest candy!
Many kisses for today! Wish you very good day my Hero and i hope Angels will bring to you many luck!
Thank you very much! Kiss your nose until it gets wet! And remember that I never get bored with you! Have a nice day my knight!
Thank you for being there! Thank you for your tender friendship, for your huge heart! I am so pleased to be with you! I am happy that I have such a friend and believe me, you also left a mark in my heart!
Thank you my knight, for every good word. Without you, my life would be boring and unbearable ... thanks for being there.
Thank you for brightening up my loneliness, for trying to understand and helping me to sleep. You are the kindest person in the world! I wish only the best for you, hug you tightly!
My gentleman, sleep well and know that Angels will protect you because i asked them. Sweet dreams my Hero.
Thank you so much for such nice words. You know that there is always a place for you in my heart. You are the most wonderful and good friend in the world! I am happy that I have you! Let God bless you and i kiss your nose!
Thank you so much for an unexpected surprise, I am very pleased! I kiss your nose!